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* Donations go towards the maintaining and future development of the server and are non-refundable.


After finalizing your purchase you can expect your rank/kit/item on TeegeeCraft's Minecraft server within 60 seconds. Please contact any online staff if any rewards have not been received after 5 minutes.

If you currently have a donor rank you previously purchased and wish to upgrade to a new rank, you need to make your rank selection from the Rank Upgrades dropdown link. Any rank upgrade you purchase will automatically deduct the difference in cost between your current rank and your new rank.

TeegeeTokens are one of the in-game currencies we offer to all players in various parts of the gameplay. Your TeegeeTokens can be redeemed by typing the /tokens command on the server. That command will bring up a GUI menu to select your choice of the shop coupon amount. The coupon options are in $1, $2 and $3 denominations. Only one coupon can be used per transaction. 2,000 TeegeeTokens redeems for $1 USD TeegeeCraft Shop coupon. *TeegeeTokens cannot be redeemed for any real currency.